Land Development Standards Manual

Standard Drawing Index

 100 Series - Streets & Drainage
101A TS Local Residential Street DWG PDF
101B TS Local Residential Street_Ditch w Sidewalk DWG PDF
101C TS Local Residential Street_Ditch_No Sidewalk DWG PDF
102 TS Residential Collector Street DWG PDF
103 TS Non-Residential Street DWG PDF
104A TS Cul-De-Sac DWG PDF
104B Residential Hammerhead DWG PDF
105A TS Road Widening DWG PDF
105B TS Road Widening Full Depth Overlay DWG PDF
106 TS C&G Along Exist Roadway DWG PDF
107A TS Alley DWG PDF
107B Gravel Road Access DWG PDF
108 Typical Driveway & Intersection Layout DWG PDF
109 Utility Cut Pavement Repair Detail DWG PDF
110 Intersection Sight Triangles DWG PDF
111 Driveway Entrance Radius Type DWG PDF
112 Driveway Entrance Drop Curb Type DWG PDF
113 Driveway Entrance VG Type DWG PDF
114 Driveway Entrance Type III DWG PDF
115 Curb & Gutter DWG PDF
116 Concrete Sidewalks DWG PDF
117 Curb Transitions DWG PDF
118 Truncated Dome Details DWG PDF
119 Perpendicular Curb Ramp w C&G DWG PDF
120 Perpendicular Curb Ramp w VG DWG PDF
121 Directional Curb Ramp w Small Curb Radius DWG PDF
122 Directional Curb Ramp w Large Curb Radius DWG PDF
123 Crosswalk Striping Detail DWG PDF
124 End of Roadway Barricade DWG PDF
125 End of Roadway Marker DWG PDF
126A Catch Basin Frame in VG DWG PDF
126B Valley Gutter Frame & Grate DWG PDF
127 Residential Driveway Pipe Detail Ditch Section Street DWG PDF
128A Flared End Section 12-72 DWG PDF
128B Rip Rap Aprons at Pipe Outfalls DWG PDF
129 Brick Double CB 15-36 DWG PDF
130 Offset CB DWG PDF
131 Grading at Drop Inlet DWG PDF
132A Culvert Crossings on Residential and Commercial Streets DWG PDF
132B Culvert Crossings on Residential and Commercial Streets DWG PDF
133 Median Divided Street Entrance DWG PDF
 200 Series - Erosion Control
201 Temporary Drainage at CB DWG PDF
202 Temporary Construction Entrance DWG PDF
203 Silt Fence Detail DWG PDF
204 Silt Fence Outlet Detail DWG PDF
205 Silt Bag Inlet Protection DWG PDF
206 Throated Inlet Protection DWG PDF
207 Hardware Cloth & Gravel Inlet Protection DWG PDF
208 Temporary Silt Ditch DWG PDF
209 Temporary Rock Check Dam DWG PDF
210 Temporary Wattle Check Dam DWG PDF
211 FES Inlet Protection DWG PDF
212 Concrete Washout Pit DWG PDF
 300 Series - Utilities
301 TS Utility Layout DWG PDF
302 Overlapping Easements DWG PDF
303 Relation of W & S to SD DWG PDF
304 Relation of W & S DWG PDF
305 Casing Spider DWG PDF
306 Encasement Pipes Under Highways & RR DWG PDF
307 Encasement Pipes Under Stream Crossings DWG PDF
308 Anti-Seep Collar DWG PDF
309 Embedments for Mains DWG PDF
310 Domestic Water Service Detail 3_4in WM 1in Tee Irrigation DWG PDF
311 Domestic Water Service Plan 3_4in WM 1in Tee Irrigation DWG PDF
312 Water Service Detail 3_4in WM Irrigation DWG PDF
313 Domestic Water Service Detail 1in WM 1in Tee Irrigation DWG PDF
314 Water Service Detail 1in WM Irrigation DWG PDF
315 Water Service Detail 1-5in-2in WM DWG PDF
316 Water Service 3in_4in_6in Compound WM & Vault DWG PDF
317 BF 3_4in-2in RP DWG PDF
318 BF 3in-10in RPDA DWG PDF
319 BF 3_4in-2in DCVA DWG PDF
320 BF 3in-10in DCDA DWG PDF
321 Fire Hydrant DWG PDF
322 6in FH w 2 Storz Connections DWG PDF
323 Water Service Typical Fire Line Connection DWG PDF
324 RPP BF for Hydrant Meters DWG PDF
325 BF By-Pass Connection for Filling New Water Mains DWG PDF
326 Min Protection for Filling Tanker Truck DWG PDF
327 Thrust Block - Tees DWG PDF
328 Thrust Block - Bends DWG PDF
329 Standard Vertical Bend Anchors DWG PDF
330 Dead End Blow-Off w Thrust Collar DWG PDF
331 Temporary Blow-Off Assembly DWG PDF
332 Valve Box Adjustment Detail DWG PDF
333 Standard Precast Concrete MH DWG PDF
334 Doghouse Manhole DWG PDF
335 Standard Drop MH DWG PDF
336 Standard Exterior Drop Connection for SSMH DWG PDF
337 Standard ARV & MH for Waterlines DWG PDF
338 Standard Vent for Precast Concrete MH DWG PDF
339 Sewer Tracer Wire DWG PDF
340 MH FM Connection DWG PDF
341 MH Adjustment Detail DWG PDF
342 Pipe Adaptor DIP to PVC DWG PDF
343A WW Service Lateral Connection DWG PDF
343B WW Service Lateral Connection In Paved Area DWG PDF
343C WW Service 6-inch Lateral Connection DWG PDF
344 5in Storz Connection DWG PDF
345A Water Quality Sampling Station (1_2) DWG PDF
345B Water Quality Sampling Station (2_2) DWG PDF
346 Odor Control for Sewer Pumping Stations DWG PDF
347 Temporary Faucet DWG PDF
348 Tapping Sleeve and Valve DWG PDF
349 Back Side Tap 16-In and Smaller DWG PDF
350A Standard Gravity Grease Interceptor DWG PDF
350B Standard Gravity Grease Interceptor in Series DWG PDF
 400 Series - Miscellaneous
401 TS Greenway Trail - Asphalt DWG PDF
402 TS Greenway Trail - Concrete DWG PDF
403 Bollard DWG PDF
404 Collapsible Bollard Detail DWG PDF
405 Typical Bollard Placement DWG PDF
406 Safety Rail DWG PDF
407 Safety Rail Warrants DWG PDF
408 Parking Standards DWG PDF
409 Accessible Parking & Signage Standards DWG PDF
410 Supplemental Van Accessible Sign DWG PDF
411 Single Dumpster Pad DWG PDF
412 Double Dumpster Pad DWG PDF
413 Dumpster Pad Section A w C&G DWG PDF
414 Dumpster Enclosure DWG PDF
415 Bus Stop Detail DWG PDF
416 Stub Street Sign Detail DWG PDF