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CARTology is a waste collection calendar and reminder system. Through this free app, you can search for your collection days, set reminders, and search for how to dispose of different items. The platform also provides information on how items can be reused, recycled, composted or disposed of.

CARTology features a waste sorting game for children that is a fun, interactive way to learn how to properly dispose of waste.

Download the app in the Apple and Google play stores or use the search feature below.

Garbage/Recycling FAQ


Who collects the garbage and recycling in the City of Kannapolis?

The City contracts with a firm, Waste Management, to collect garbage and recycling. There are five garbage/routes in the City – one for each day of the week. Each day trucks are on the routes collecting garbage/recycling. Each week Waste Management stops at 19,406 houses and businesses to collect garbage and recycling.


Who collects yard waste and leaves?

City Environmental Services employees collect yard waste and leaves.


Who collects bulky goods such as appliances?

Waste Management staff collects these items on your recycling week (every other week). Each collection will collect up to 5 cubic yards of materials. As an example, 5 cubic yards approximately fits in the bed of a pickup truck. All items need to be placed within 3 feet of the curb, near your recycling cart. Weight limits are up to 50 pounds per item. *Note: Any mattresses or bedding that is infested with bed bugs must be bagged.


How do I know my garbage/recycling is collected by the City of Kannapolis?

Your carts will have the City’s logo. The yellow lid cart is for recycling. The grey lid cart is for garbage.


What if my carts are not emptied on my scheduled collection day?

Please call us at 704.920.4444 to report a missed pickup or send us a message on the Cartology app.

Currently Waste Management is experiencing a severe staffing shortage – just as many other firms in our region. Additionally, they have had mechanical issues with their trucks. The City is working closely with the firm to resolve these issues.

The City has invested in two trucks and once we are made aware of an area that has not been serviced we dispatch city employees to aid Waste Management in collecting any missed carts.


My cart was knocked over and it was not serviced, and my garbage is everywhere. Why wasn’t it picked up or serviced?

To prevent carts from being overturned please place them at the curb on a flat surface with the lid closed. Carts are collected mechanically and Waste Management staff due to liability and a shortage of staff crews cannot stop and collect any overturned carts or loose items.

Bag all trash. Do not bag recycling.


What is considered Hazardous Waste?

Household wastes are toxic, corrosive, ignitable, or reactive materials such as:

motor oil, automobile batteries, paints and solvents, household cleaners, drain openers/cleaners, pesticides, compressed gas tanks (such as propane and oxygen), antifreeze, batteries, electronic wastes (e.g., TVs, computer monitors, cell phones), glue and adhesives, household cleaners, oven cleaners.

Dispose of these items safely - Household Hazardous Waste Days Cabarrus County


What is considered Bulky Trash vs what is considered Construction Debris?

Bulk Items are items that are too large to fit into a garbage cart such as a chair. Construction debris is material or items used in construction typically seen during remodeling or building a house such as drywall, plywood.

Eligible items included in the Bulky Waste collection:

  • Household furniture, lawn furniture, carpet (4 ft lenghts), extra-large rugs, bicycles, toilets, grills (no propane), mattresses and box springs.
  • Any material not fitting within the contents of the trash cart with lid closed may be bagged and placed at curb, collection will be on bulk service days.
  • Glass and mirrors must be taped to reduce breaks.
  • Weed eater, chain saws and push mowers (fluid must be removed)


Ineligible items for Collection with Bulk Trash Waste: 

  • Tires, hazardous waste of any type, chemicals, paint, car motors,  general recycle items, liquid waste, batteries, motor oil and any equipment container oil or gas. 
  • Lumber scraps, pallets, construction debris (C&D Material).


Why doesn’t Waste Management collect Construction Debris?

We do not contract with Waste Management to provide this service. It would result in additional costs to the City. Contractors must dispose of these items appropriately or they may be taken to the landfill - Construction and Demolition Waste Landfill Cabarrus County


Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste


The City of Kannapolis provides the following disposal services for residents:

  • Garbage
  • Yard Waste
  • Recycling
  • Bulky Items- Up to five cubic yards of material, 50 pounds per item limit. Hazardous waste and construction debris not included.
  • White Goods- Stoves, refrigerators, and freezers (doors must be removed), water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators and freezers (freon must be removed by owner).
  • E-Waste- Eligible items include: computers, televisions, printers, scanners, telephones microwaves, and stereo equipment. Ineligible items include: automotive electronics, large pieces of industrial equipment (commercial medical equipment that contains a cathode ray tube or cahtode ray tube device, a flat panel display, or similar video display device that is contained within, or other medical devices as the defined under the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act.)


Garbage and yard waste collection occurs weekly.
The collection of recycling, bulky items, white goods and e-waste occurs every other week.

To find your garbage/yard waste and recycling, bulky items, white goods, and e-waste pick-up day, download the CARTology app, or enter your address at the top of this page.  

Please space carts, yard waste, furniture and bulky items 5 feet away from each other and from parked cars, mailboxes, poles, guy wires, fences and other obstructions. Place your garbage, recycling, yard waste, bulky items, white goods, and e-waste at the curb the night before your collection day and remove empty containers from the curb no later than 7 a.m. the day after your collection day.  

If any services are missed, you must contact us at 704-920-4444 within 24-hours, or items will not be collected until the next scheduled pick up.

To request a second garbage cart or recycling cart call (704) 920-4444.  There is a fee of $2.50 per month to have a second cart.

If your cart is damaged please call (704) 920-4444 to request a replacement. PLEASE NOTE:  residents are expected to keep their carts clean and we do not replace carts because they have an odor or there are bugs in the cart.

Click here to view the 2024 Recycling Calendar.


Collection of garbage, recycling, bulky items, white goods, and e-waste occurs on all holidays EXCEPT Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. For those two holidays, collection will occur on a one-day delay for the remainder of the week to include a Saturday pick-up. 

Yard waste, limbs, and loose leaves are collected by City crews.  There will not be any yard waste, limb, or loose leaf collection on any of the following holidays observed by the City: 

  • New Year's Day (January 1, 2024)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 15, 2024)
  • Good Friday (March 29, 2024)
  • Memorial Day (May 27, 2024)
  • Independence Day (July 4, 2024)
  • Labor Day (September 2, 2024)
  • Veterans Day (November 11, 2024)
  • Thanksgiving (November 28-29, 2024)
  • Christmas (December 24-26, 2024)  


Garbage Reminders

Garbage should be placed in your 96-gallon rollout carts with the BLACK lid.  The cart should not be overloaded, and the lid should close properly.

Garbage should be bagged and lid closed.

Request an additional garbage cart or replace a damaged garbage cart by calling 704-920-4444. There is an additional fee of $2.50 per month for a second cart.

Recycling Reminders

Recycling should be placed in your 96-gallon rollout carts with the YELLOW lid.  The cart should not be overloaded, and the lid should close properly.


Recycling should NOT be bagged.

All items should be clean and dry before being placed into the bin.

Request an additional recycle cart or replace a damaged recycle cart by calling 704-920-4444. There is an additional fee of $2.50 per month for a second cart.

Commercial Garbage and Recycling Collection

The City of Kannapolis also offers garbage and recycling to businesses. This Informational Brochure offers complete details on the Program.  If your business is interested – fill out the convenient online application. The online application will calculate the cost of the service based on your individual business needs. 




Yard Waste Reminders

All leaves and yard waste must be bagged for collection except during Loose Leaf Collection Season. Yard waste in opaque bags (dark or white) must be left open, and yard waste in translucent bags must be tied shut.

Loose Leaf Collection Season (vacuuming of loose leaves ONLY), begins October 30, 2023 and ends March 18, 2024.  During this period, leaves do not need to be bagged. Check the CARTology app for your loose leaf collection day.   

Processed wood will not be collected.

To dispose of your real Christmas tree, please remove all decorations, lights, and place at the curb for collection same day as yard waste. Artificial Christmas trees, remove all decorations, lights, and place at curb the same day as your recycling for bulky collection. 

In the event of a missed pickup (not due to a holiday or posted delay), please call (704) 920-4444 within 24-hours.

Household Hazardous Waste Facility

Residents should use the Cabarrus County Household Hazardous Waste Facility to dispose of waste oil, paint, batteries, car batteries, oil, propane cylinders, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs, and many other materials that are not collected by the City. 

For a complete list of accepted items and more information, contact the Cabarrus County Household Hazardous Waste facility at (704) 920-3278 or see CARTology for instructions.

 Medication Drop Off Site

Unused medicine is a threat to both public health and the environment. Medicines that are flushed down the drain or that leach from landfills eventually end up in our waterways. Don't keep unused medicines lying around, but also remember not to flush medicines or put them in the trash.

To prevent prescription and over-the-counter medications from getting into our waterways or into the hands of children, please drop off medications in the drop box located in the lobby of the Kannapolis Police Department at 401 Laureate Way.

Animal Control

The City does not pickup dead animals that were personal pets or animals that have died and are outside of the City's rights-of-way.

Dead animals that have been killed by a car and are left along the road should be reported to Public Works at 704-920-4444. On weekends, please leave a message through option 1.