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Loop the Loop is a fun way to track the distance of your walk, run, or bike ride. Route distances are designated by different colors. Signage and sidewalk markers will aid you as you complete the loops around the downtown core of the City and each of the Kannapolis School sites. You can also print the map below to help you orient your way around the loops.

You are welcome to register your dog for Loop Prizes. Just add your dog's name and put "Dog" beside of the name. You can earn great people prizes and your pet can earn prizes they will love.

You can track your miles by registering for our free program. 

You do not have to walk the downtown or school loops to qualify. Walk anywhere in your neighborhood or the City.

The goal is for you to complete 150 miles by the end of the year. At the end of each quarter, you are eligible to earn prizes. If eligible for prizes you will receive an email confirming your mileage and how to pick up your prize at city hall.

Loop the Loop is part of the City's Discover a Healthy Life Initiative and the Cabarrus Health Alliance REACH program. The City is a place where you can live a good life. A healthy holistic life. A community that welcomes new people, new ideas and new businesses. A place where there is a balance between work, family, and social living. A unique place where health, nutrition, science and education are becoming the business of the City and where a significant investment of the business sector has already been made. We hope you enjoy Loop the Loop.

Earn prizes by meeting these deadlines:

  • March 31: 50 miles
  • June 30: 75 miles
  • September 30: 100 miles
  • December 31: 150 miles


Check out photos from our 2023 awards night here

ONCE YOU'VE REGISTERED & TO LOG YOUR MILES:  All you need to do is sign back in to the account you created using your log in and password you created when you registered and add the program to your cart again, proceed to check-out and  you'll be asked each time how many miles you're logging.

USE THIS LINK TO LOG MILES FOR 2024: For quick reference, bookmark the program registration/log site address, which is: Loop the Loop

You can track miles daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly - it's up to you - we'll track them all.