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What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is water that runs off roads, roofs, sidewalks and other hard surfaces when it rains often carrying pollutants like oil, grease, and grass clippings into the City's water resources. The EPA now requires a program to improve stormwater quality.

The stormwater system is often confused with the wastewater treatment system. In Kannapolis, these are two separate systems. Water from sinks, showers, toilets, etc. travels to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Water that flows through the storm drain often ends up in the nearest lake or stream without treatment, as these drains are designed to help prevent flooding.

Reducing Stormwater Run-off/Improving Our Water Quality

  • Never dispose of oil or gasoline in a storm drain.
  • If you live close by a storm drain, keep yard debris and garbage cleared from its path.
  • Rain barrels connected to your guttering are a great way to prevent excess stormwater runoff.
  • Clean up pet waste and dispose of it properly.
  • Keep your septic tank well maintained.
  • Lawn chemicals can be a source of run-off pollution. Be sure and read the directions on fertilizer and pesticide application or better yet, find a more environmentally friendly way to keep weeds and bugs away. Never dispose of these liquids down the storm drain.
  • Never dispose of hazardous waste or chemicals down your household drains. What you pour down your drain makes its way back into our water supply.
  • Use pesticides, herbicide, and fertilizers sparingly.
  • Repair auto leaks quickly.
  • Use commercial car washes that recycle water or wash your car on your lawn.
  • Sweep up debris rather than hosing down paved surfaces.
  • Landscape your property so run-off from roofs or driveways drains to lawns and gardens.
  • Make sure containers with grease or other materials are covered and not leaking.


Reporting Illicit Discharges

Help us keep our water supply healthy and safe by contacting our Stormwater Pollution Hotline and reporting any illicit (unlawful) discharges into the stormwater system by calling  the Public Works Department (704) 920-4200 or email.


Stormwater Fees

Because there are costs associated with running a stormwater program, and the federal government does not provide funding, Kannapolis has implemented a stormwater fee for both residents and businesses in the City, which appears on your water and sewer bill each month. Information on residential and commercial stormwater fees can be found on the fee schedule here.