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July 2022

Approximately 1,200 households in Kannapolis will see modifications in their collection schedule in July 2022. If your collection schedule is changing you will receive a postcard in the mail. If you DO  NOT receive a postcard - then your collection schedule is staying the same. 



1. Why is my route day changing?

As the City has grown - some of our daily routes have become so large all the carts cannot be collected on their designated days. We are changing your collection day as well as others in the City to better balance the routes. This will allow us to collect the carts more efficiently throughout the City.


2. Will my collection day change again anytime soon?

It has been many years since we have modified the routes. We do not anticipate any additional changes at this time.


3. Does this impact all of my collection services (garbage/recycling/yard waste/bulky waste)?

Depends on your address. Please enter your address in the CARTology app to find the information or you may call 704. 920.4444 and we will be glad to help you.



CARTology is a waste collection calendar and reminder system. Through this free app, you can search for your collection days, set reminders, and search for how to dispose of different items. The platform also provides information on how items can be reused, recycled, composted or disposed of.

CARTology features a waste sorting game for children that is a fun, interactive way to learn how to properly dispose of waste.

Download the app in the Apple and Google play stores or use the search feature below.