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Comprehensive Plan Update - Move Kannapolis Forward

You may have noticed a lot is happening in Kannapolis. We've got a lot going for us: high quality of life, affordability, and our business-friendly environment. We're building off of this to transform into an even more vibrant and inclusive community. To integrate the many moving pieces, the city has initiated a robust public engagement process that will chart our future.  Move Kannapolis Forward, is a community-driven process to update the city's comprehensive plan and coordinate all existing and ongoing plans that are helping to move our community forward. This plan will provide a renewed vision and craft a blueprint for our shared future. 

Move Kannapolis Forward implores us to dream big, while respecting and cherishing the resources and cultural heritage that make Kannapolis great. Through this process citizens will envision a prosperous future of shared opportunity now and for generations to come.

The Move Kannapolis Forward process was completed in March 2018. 

The 2017 Planning Influences Report provides great information on the status of where we are and projections for our growth. Take a second to read this. 

May 3, 2017 - Update on Move Forward Summit -  Presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission - Click here to view the presentation.


Click Here to view the 2030 Comprehensive Plan Final
(Adopted March 26 by City Council)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comprehensive plan? A comprehensive plan is a strategic policy guide that expresses the values and aspirations of a community. It is the broadest public policy document our community can create and will set forth the long-range vision for development, transportation, housing, environment, economic development, and related topics.

Doesn't Kannapolis already have a comprehensive plan? Sort of... The City of Kannapolis Land Use Plan was adopted in 2004. Move Kannapolis Forward is more comprehensive in nature and provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at current conditions and new opportunities to create a renewed vision for the city.

Why is this process important to me? As a citizen, business owner, or property owner in Kannapolis, you have made an important choice to invest in the city. If you like the community just the way it is, you should care because change is always happening. If you want aspects of the community improved, you should also care enough to help identify what needs to be addressed. Your opinion is critical and we need to hear your thoughts about what is important to you about our city. How can the city change to better serve your daily life, the places where you live, work and play?

How does the comprehensive plan relate to the city's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Regulations? Move Kannapolis Forward is a long-range policy document that will provide guidance to the city's current and future decision-makers regarding land development, capital improvements and public programs. While Move Kannapolis Forward provides guidance to decision-makers regarding the future development use of property, capital investment, or community program; the Unified Development Ordinance defines the actual laws that apply to each property in the city's planning jurisdiction. These regulations outline the specific uses permitted on individual properties, the density and intensity of development that can occur, and how developments are designed; and they provide property owners in Kannapolis with predictability in the development process.