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Customer Service & Utility Billing


The City offers water & sewer, stormwater, garbage & recycling service to its residents and businesses. You will receive a bill once a month for these services. If you have any questions regarding the City or these services you are welcome to phone our Customer Call Center at 704.920.4444 or use the chat feature located at the bottom of this page. 

Pay My Utility Bill

  • BY PHONE – Automated voice response system 704-920-4444 choose option 1 or dial direct to 704-920-4400
  • DRIVE-UP KIOSK – Located in the parking lot of City Hall, 401 Laureate Way
  • BY MAIL – Mail checks to City of Kannapolis, PO Box 604072, Charlotte, NC 28260-4072
  • IN PERSON – Customer Service Center located in City Hall at 401 Laureate Way, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday
  • DROPBOX – Located in the parking lot at City Hall – check payments only 


Please note, a $3.25 convenience fee applies to all payments made with a debit or credit card.

Payment Terms

ALL UTILITY BILLS ARE DUE AND PAYABLE UPON RECEIPT. The due date listed on your bill applies only to the current charges listed and does not extend the time for payment of the previous billing. Bills are considered past due on the 25th day after the bill date. Failure to receive your bill does not relieve the responsibility of timely payment. A late penalty is applied on the 26th day after the bill date. The late penalty is 10% of the current charges, up to a maximum of $10. If any charges and or penalties remain unpaid, 45 calendar days after the original bill date, service may be disconnected without further notice.

Need Assistance/Repayment Plan?

If you have accumulated past due balances we would like to help you with those, by working to setup a payment plan. In order to prevent interruption of your service, you must have a signed Payment Plan on file with the City of Kannapolis. Our Customer Service staff will work one-on-one with you to get a payment plan in place. 

Email to schedule a call to discuss your account. Please include your full name, phone number, and account number in the email.

For any of the following questions, please call 704.920.4444.

  • Apply for and pay for water/sewer taps
  • Apply for water/sewer service
  • Request pool adjustments 
  • Request leak adjustments
  • Participate in the Toilet Credit Program
  • Request rereads for water bills
  • Close your water/sewer account
  • Apply for Commercial Garbage/Recycling Service


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You are welcome to call us at 704-920.4444 or email us at if you have additional questions.

Administrative and Billing Fee Schedule


Environmental Recycling & Solid Waste $18.10
Residential Stormwater Tier 1 $5.75 (Tier 1 – < 1,200 sq ft)
Residential Stormwater Tier 2 $7.25 (Tier 2 – 1,200 – 3,250 sq ft)
Residential Stormwater Tier 3 $8.75 (Tier 3 - > 3,250 sq ft)
Commercial Stormwater $7.25 (Commercial – Per 3,250 sq ft)
Service Disconnection Fee $30
 After Hours Reconnection Fee $100
Unauthorized Reconnection Fee $300
Damaged Meter or Meter Device Fee $400
Tampering, Altering, Moving or Replacing Meter Fee $300
Meter By-Pass Fee $300
Meter Calibration Test Fee $100
Repeat Trip Fee $50
 Residential Water Base Fee $6.95 inside, $8.15 outside
Residential Sewer Base Fee $3.80 inside, $3.80 outside
Residential Water Usage Rate $6.80 inside, $7.95 outside
(Per 1,000 gallons up to $7,000 gallons)
Residential Sewer Usage Rate $6.70 inside, $6.70 ouside
(Per 1,000 gallons up to 7,000 gallons)


A complete list of the FY 23 Fee schedule can be found on the City of Kannapolis Finance Page.


The City of Kannapolis Customer Service Department operates as 2-unit entity: the Customer Service Call Center Unit and the Utility Billing and Collections Unit. There are 12 full time staff between the 2 units, encompassing the Customer Service Center, and suite of offices.

The Call Center was established as part of the 2020 Customer Service Initiative and is characterized by the new 704-920-4444 phone number. This number reaches all the city’s automated systems as well as the City of Kannapolis Customer Service Advocates. The Customer Service Unit of the department is a 6-person team that facilitates the Customer Call Center, customer accounts and records, as well as facilitating our CARTology notifications and requests, Customer Connect and Invoice Cloudsystems. This team of Advocates is also the Customer Service Cashiering team, which collects, credits and posts customer utility payments from all 5 the acceptable methods of payment. The Customer Service Call Center unit is dedicated to providing a high level of cooperative, knowledgeable, and personal service both at the city offices and at the customer sites.

The City of Kannapolis offers water/sewer, stormwater and environmental, (garbage/recycling) as billable services to its residents and businesses. The Utility Billing and Collections unit of the Customer Service Department is a 4-person billing team that seeks to provide clear and accurate monthly bills, customer usage records and payment options, for the most important of services provided to those making Kannapolis their home. The Utility Billing and Collections team works directly with Public Works team of Meter Technicians, our hardware and technology providers, surrounding towns, environmental services providers as well as residents and businesses to provide the highest level of customer service, accurate billing, and ease of collections.