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BBQ Team Info

2024 Registration Info Coming Soon!

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The Jiggy with the Piggy Champion will qualify for the American Royal Invitational and Jack Daniel's Invitational.

Celebrating our 9th Annual Jiggy with the Piggy, we unveil The Double (Saturday and Sunday) and a Backyard Series contest: 

  • Participating in both days is not mandatory; however, if you want to participate in Sunday's contest you must compete on Saturday.
  • A Backyard Contest is being introduced for the time (also a Double) - teams may be capped around 15. Standard KCBS Backyard catergories - pork ribs and chicken.
  • Master Series teams will be capped at 50.
  • Saturday's People's Choice Pork is Mandatory for Backyard and Master Series teams. Saturday People’s Choice event is a big part of making our event a success in the eyes of the public, which is why teams are required to take part in 2023. Proceeds benefit the Kannapolis YMCA, the Kannapolis Rotary Club, and the Kannapolis Youth Council. Top 10 payout. 
  • Friday night dessert contest - Tentative. A final decision will be made in the coming months.
  • More detailed competition information will be forthcoming.


2023 Prize Money:
Master Series Day 1 $11,250 / Day 2 $11,250

Backyard Series Day 1 $3,500 / Day 2 $3,500

Saturday's People's Choice $5,500

  Master Series: Day 1 and Day 2  
Grand Champion $1,250 +trophy
Reserve Grand $1,000 +trophy
3rd Overall $750 +trophy
4th Overall $500  
5th Overall $250  
6th Overall $150  
7th Overall $125  
8th Overall $100  
9th Overall $100  
10th Overall $100  
Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket: Day 1 and Day 2
1st Place $750 +trophy
2nd Place $600 +sign
3rd Place $500 +sign
4th Place $300 +sign
5th Place $200 +sign
6th Place $100  
7th Place $100  
8th Place $100  
9th Place $100  
10th Place $100  
  Backyard Series Overall: Day 1 and Day 2  
Grand Champion $500 +trophy
Reserve Grand $400 +trophy
3rd Overall $300  
4th Overall $200  
5th Overall $100  
  Backyard Ribs and Chicken: Day1 and Day 2  
1st Place $300 +trophy
2nd Place $250 +trophy
3rd Place $200  
4th Place $150  
5th Place $100  
People's Choice Pork ($5,500 Total)
1st Place $1,000 +trophy
2nd Place $900 +trophy
3rd Place $800  
4th Place $700  
5th Place $600  
6th Place $500  
7th Place $400  
8th Place $300  
9th Place $200  
10th Place $100  



2023 Rules and Regulations 

The Jiggy with the Piggy BBQ Challenge will be governed by the competition rules of the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). The following rules and regulations also apply to the competition:

  1. All contestants are responsible for reading and following the KCBS rules and regulations.
  2. All contestants are responsible for reading and understanding the contest information on the following pages.
  3. Each team must have fire extinguisher.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are not to be distributed (given away or sold) to the general public by contestants.
  5. Food or unapproved items are not to be distributed (given away or sold) to the general public by contestants.

Meat Inspection

You may choose to have your meat inspected during check-in or once your team is setup on site. The meat inspector(s) will be on-hand to insure the following: Meat/pork/chicken is not marinated or seasoned prior to the event. For KCBS competitions it is perfectly legal to trim the meat/pork/chicken in advance. If you are not ready for meat inspection during check-in, you will receive a flag to place on your site somewhere visible to notify inspectors you are ready for inspection. Meat inspection times are Friday, May 5th, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Cooks must prepare and cook in as sanitary a manner as possible.
  • Teams may trim meats before arrival but must wait until AFTER inspection to season, inject, and cook meats on-site.


Competition Cook Site 

There shall only be one team per BBQ pit, smoker, or grill. Teams sharing cook sites is not permitted. All Master Series sites are 25’x50’. If you need more than 25’x50’ let’s be honest, you need to down size. Backyard Series sites may be 25'x30'

  • Open fires on the ground are not permitted. We understand that coals need to be created for smoking, so please keep all fires contained. A fire extinguisher should be readily available.
  • Each team must supply its own cooking ingredients, grills/smokers, utensils, tables, chairs, wood, charcoal, and other materials needed by team
  • 20amp (110v) single phase included. Additional power needs may be purchased on team entry form: 30amp (110v) $30 or 50amp (240v) $50. Power will be within 100’ of each site. A certified electrician will be onsite for any power needs.
  • Individual team water hook-ups will be available within 75’ of all competition sites.
  • Barrels will be available for dumping hot ashes/coals, grease, and grey water throughout the competition area. Please use properly marked containers.


Complimentary Breakfast 

Complimentary pancakes and sausage or sausage/chicken biscuits will be provided by the Kannapolis YMCA for cook teams from 7:00 am to 8:00 am on Saturday, May 6th. Teams can pick up breakfast in the Laureate Center.


Team Registration is now closed. 

If you would like to be added to a waiting list, you may email Eddie Smith.