Discover a Healthy Life

Discover a Healthy Life

The City of Kannapolis invites you to Discover a Healthy Life. Whether in physical health, mental health, or by thriving professionally with a healthy business, there are many ways you can discover a higher quality of life and a greater sense of community in Kannapolis. Our leaders have a vision for what this storied community can be and we are well underway in achieving our ambitions to the benefit of all who live, work and visit here.

Read below all the ways Kannapolis is empowering our residents, visitors and the businesses that call Kannapolis home to Discover a Healthy Life.

Cabarrus County was recently Ranked as North Carolina's 9th Healthiest County.

Discover Health & Wellness

Kannapolis isn’t just talking about creating opportunities to discover a healthy life—we’re acting on it! Below are just some of the activities, programs and initiatives we are organizing or supporting so that anyone who chooses to work here, live here or visit here can thrive. From physical wellness to spirituality and mental health, we’re connecting the people of Kannapolis with the resources they need to be at their best!

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Discover a Healthy Downtown

Imagine a vibrant pedestrian “linear park” running the length of downtown Kannapolis. In any direction you will find that ample discoveries await you. Whether your appetite is for theater, music, baseball or just actual food and drink, our downtown will be your single, charming destination. Park and wander, meet up with friends, family and neighbors, or just sit and read a book. Downtown Kannapolis features the best in urban planning and offers something for everyone, in the quaintest way possible.

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Discover a Healthy Business

Whether it’s our reinvigorated downtown, central location to area highways and transportation options, the support of the North Carolina Research Campus, or the entrepreneurial spirit here—there’s a reason for everyone to do business in Kannapolis. Find out why more businesses are extending into Kannapolis, or choosing to call our city  home.

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Discover a Healthy Community

Kannapolis is a municipality with big city ideas, but home to a small town vibe. Community spirit is alive and well here, where people tend to know each other by name and come together as one for good causes, or just good fun.

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Discover Healthy Homes

Kannapolis offers opportunities for lower taxes, more “bang for the buck,” and getting in early on a great thing. Our city is teeming with momentum, with a downtown revitalization underway, new jobs being created monthly, and leadership devoted to making a healthy, prosperous community.

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Building & Developing in Kannapolis

Kannapolis is a city with momentum! Never before has a municipality purchased its entire downtown to revitalize it—but we have. Residents and visitors alike will be delighted to experience the thoughtful ways our downtown brings culture, entertainment, dining and retail to life in a community-forward way. But this is just one of many things attracting new developments in our city. Jobs, transportation options, inexpensive land, and school choice are just some of the things driving interest here.

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Discover…New Discoveries

Nothing transformed Kannapolis from a mill town to a health and wellness destination like the North Carolina Research Campus. Home to over eight prestigious universities and over 384 doctors, scientists and staff making advancements in health sciences weekly, the campus is not just a local treasure—it’s a national one.

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City News

There’s a lot happening in the city that’s always offering up discoveries. Find out what our city is up to, what are partners are doing, or what event is the place to be in Kannapolis this weekend.

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