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The Kannapolis Fire Department proudly protects over 51,000 residents living in an area of over 32 square miles. The Department consists of 116 personnel: 95 full-time positions, 6 part-time personnel and 15 reserve personnel.

The fire department has an ISO Rating of 1. This rating is used for insurance purposes. It is a rating based on fire station water systems, communication systems and how fast they respond to calls. A 1 is an excellent score and should result in lower insurance premiums for your home or business.


Fire station 1



Fire Station 1
300 Firehouse Drive, Kannapolis






Fire Station 2



Fire Station 2
819 Richard Avenue, Kannapolis








Fire station 3



Fire Station 3
1703 Concord Lake Road, Kannapolis









Fire Station 4
328 Stewart Street, Concord


Fire Station 5
2046 Barr Road, Kannapolis