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During the Jiggy with the Piggy Festival, May 11-15, the teams participating in the Kansas City Barbeque Society competition also competed in a dessert contest.


This year’s dessert champions are:


Dessert - Appearance


dessert1st Place – Smoking Studs (Pig Pen Pudding Trifle)

2nd Place – Creekside Smokers (To Die For Carrot Cheesecake)

3rd Place – Trailer Pork Brothers (Piggy Pudding- Banana Pudding Cake)

4th Place – Bad Rooster BBQ (Roasted Peach Walnut Cheesecake)


Dessert - Taste


1st Place – Bad Rooster BBQ (Roasted Peach Walnut Cheesecake)

2nd Place – Smoking Story (Mimi’s Southern Lemon Pound Cake)

3rd Place – One Eyed Pig (Everything She Loves Cheesecake)

4th Place – JL Smokers (Oreo Cheescake)