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Winter Storm Izzy is here and while she is beautiful she is impacting our City. We have approximately 2 inches of snow. We do expect a significant amount of freezing rain/sleet later today.


We thank you for staying off the roads. At this point we have not had any vehicle accidents since the storm started. We strongly urge you to continue to stay off the roads and remain safe.


City street crews are plowing snow and putting slag down on major streets and thoroughfares but their efforts are hampered as the storm continues to intensify.


City parks and greenways are closed. Rider Transit is closed today.


Please be prepared to lose electricity.


  • Make sure you have batteries for your flashlights and weather radio.
  • Keep your phone and devices charged.
  • Secure items from the wind and freezing rain that are outside your home.
  • Use generators and charcoal/propane grills outside only. Never, ever bring them inside.
  • Make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working.
  • If you have space heaters, make sure that they have 3’ of clearance from all combustibles.
  • Remember to make sure your chimney’s flue is open if you decide to use your fireplace. Burn only dry, seasoned wood.
  • Use battery operated lanterns and candles.



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