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11:30 a.m. January 15 - Rider Transit services are canceled for Sunday, January 16.

10 a.m. January 15 - Good Morning, Kannapolis and the Charlotte Region is now under a Winter Storm Warning from Saturday night until Sunday night. A Winter Storm Warning means significant snow, sleet, or ice accumulations are expected in our region. We also expect the winter accumulations will impact our City, Monday, after the storm moves thru the area. We encourage you to pay attention to official weather forecasts over the weekend as the winter weather arrives. City updates can be found at and on the City's Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram platforms.


Kannapolis Transportation employees have been busy brining major thoroughfares and bridges in the city as we expect to mostly have wind/sleet/freezing rain. They will continue to work through the weekend to deal with the changing road conditions. We do not brine or snowplow neighborhoods. We work to keep all primary roadway sectors of the City such as hospitals, pharmacies, businesses, schools and other important needed sectors clear so they can operate. ❄️🌨🌧 You should prepare to not be able to travel and the potential for the loss of electricity.


Here are a few tips for things you should do to prep for the expected bad weather:


1. Make sure you have batteries for your flashlights and weather radio.

2. Keep your phone and devices charged.

3. If you lose electricity call Duke Energy at 1-800-POWERON.

4. Secure items from the wind and freezing rain that are outside your home.

5. Use generators and charcoal/propane grills outside only. Never, ever bring them inside.

6. Make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working.

7. If you have space heaters, make sure that they have 3’ of clearance from all combustibles. Remember the saying, “Space heaters need space!” Shut off space heaters when going to bed and/or leaving your home.

8. Using your fireplace? Remember to make sure your chimney’s flue is open when using your fireplace. Burn only dry, seasoned wood.

9. Use battery operated lanterns and candles.


Finally, please stay home tomorrow. Enjoy the day. We want you and your family to be safe. Thank you!