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Members of the Kannapolis City Council have been working to develop its top priorities for the next five years. The planning process began over the last year as the City Council and management staff compiled a list of projects and initiatives that are important to residents; maintain and expand the quality services the City delivers and allow for the continuation of the economic growth and vitality of Kannapolis.


The list of items were then divided into three categories: major projects and initiatives; studies and plans and small projects and initiatives. There are 58 major projects; 27 studies and plans and 10 small projects and initiatives.


In January, the City Council began their work to prioritize all of the items in each of the three categories. During their March 22 meeting City Council members received the final rankings of the items in each category.


The top 10 major projects/initiatives are: a skateboard park, employee retention and recruitment, remodeling fire station 1, Village Park Phase IV, construction of a new eastside fire station, construction of a new westside park, litter cleanup program, Phase II of the Gem Theatre renovations, construction of a community center with a pool, streetlights and landscaping on Kannapolis Parkway.


The top five studies/plans are: Midway (South Main Street) Corridor Plan, Transitional Housing/Homeless Shelter Strategy; Community Appearance/Code Enforcement Strategy; Active Seniors - Housing/Marketing Strategy and an Incentive Plan for Targeted Growth Areas throughout the City.


The top five small projects/initiatives are: additional bus shelters; Gem Theater Operating Partnership; an Auxiliary Policing Program; information kiosks at City Hall/Downtown; and the Cannon Mills Office Cupola Reuse Project.


City staff will now develop a new five-year Financial Plan and more completely evaluate each of the top projects. This information will be presented to City Council for their consideration in the next few months. 

(Please see attached for the complete list of the projects, studies and initiatives under consideration by the City Council.)

Studies and Plan Rankings 2021

Major Project and Initiatives Rankings 2021

Small Project and Initiatives Rankings 2021