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The non-profit, 1CAN, has installed a Blessing Box at Fire Station 1, located at 300 Firehouse Drive. The Blessing Box is stocked with food and personal hygiene items. Needy persons may stop by at any time and take what they need. Anyone in the community is also welcomed to stock the box at any time. The mission of 1CAN is to reduce the number of families dealing with food insecurities in our community.

Sheryl Kluge who leads 1CAN said, “We want people to be able to stop by the fire station, choose the items they need for their families, without worrying about filling out forms or waiting in a line. And people who want to donate can also just pull up and stock the box. No need for contacting anyone.”

“We are glad we can play a small role in making this Blessing Box accessible to the public and helping people meet the needs of their family,” commented Deputy Fire Chief Kirk Beard.

The Blessing Box at Fire Station 1 is the seventh box to be installed in Cabarrus County and it is estimated that over 2,000 families have benefited from the boxes in the last two months. Cindy Hanson with CK Select Real Estate partnered with 1CAN to build the box at Fire Station 1. This blessing box is beautifully built to resemble a home and CK Select Real Estate is also initially stocking the box.

For more information on 1CAN call 843.330.0525 or email