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The collection of white goods (appliances) and electronic waste will resume today, May 11. These services were suspended in March due to COVID-19 when Waste Management instituted stricter safety protocols for its employees.

The City of Kannapolis contracts with Waste Management for the collection of garbage, recycling, bulky goods, electronic waste and white goods (appliances). Yard debris is collected by city crews.

The collection of garbage, recycling and yard debris continues on a normal schedule.

All garbage and recycling items should be placed at the curb and in your cart. Please remember garbage should always be bagged. Recycling should not be bagged.  Never put trash in your recycling cart – when this is done it contaminates the entire truckload and the City is penalized at the recycling center. If you have garbage and recycling items that cannot fit in your cart, please ensure they are in sturdy bags or boxes that the motorized armed collection trucks can pick up. If they do not meet these criteria the items will not be picked up.

If your household has a sick person, please double bag all trash in sturdy bags and place them in your cart.

Please download our mobile app, CabConKan CARTology, for Apple or Android devices. Just search for CARTology in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). From the app, you can learn how to dispose of items, view your collection calendar and receive notifications.