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West Avenue District logoThe Kannapolis City Council has approved designating a social district in downtown Kannapolis. This new district, branded the West Avenue District, will enable patrons of downtown ABC permitted establishments to drink an alcoholic beverage on sidewalks and public areas in the social district. Kannapolis was able to designate this social district following legislation that was approved by the N.C. General Assembly earlier this month.

This new social district includes portions of West Avenue, Oak Avenue, Vance Street, Laureate Way, Cannon Baller Way, West B Street and Main Street. Customers who buy an alcoholic drink at Chophouse 101, Sabor, or Old Armor Beer Company will be allowed to take the drink and go outside of the restaurant and drink it on the sidewalks or public areas inside of the social district.

“The West Avenue District lends itself to this type of social district. We revitalized our downtown area to be a place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves. We specially created areas where people could dine outdoors and this legislation allows people to buy an alcoholic beverage and food at our new restaurants and brewery and sit outdoors and enjoy their meal,” said Kannapolis City Manager Mike Legg.

Several restrictions will be in place to ensure the downtown area remains a safe family-friendly destination.

  1. ABC permitted establishments must ensure they meet all legal requirements for carding and limiting consumption of alcoholic beverages. The establishment can only serve two beers/wine drinks or one liquor drink to one patron at a time.
  2. Drinks must be purchased and consumed within the boundaries of the West Avenue District.
  3. Anyone with a drink in the designated West Avenue District must throw away the drink before leaving the district.
  4. Drinks must be in specially labeled cups which will be sold by establishments in the West Avenue District. They must be less than 16 ounces.
  5. Drinks will only be allowed in the district from 10 a.m. to midnight Monday thru Saturday and noon to midnight on Sundays.
  6. Once the patron leaves the establishment with the drink container the patron cannot enter any other building in the downtown or a vehicle without discarding the drink.
  7. Kannapolis Police Officers will enforce the restrictions of the West Avenue District.


The Atrium Health Ballpark will not be part of the district at this time. Any alcoholic beverages purchased at the ballpark will need to be consumed and discarded before leaving the ballpark.  Additionally, no alcoholic beverages purchased from other establishments may be brought inside the ballpark.

The new district will be effective once the City finalizes the signage and other regulations required by law.

West avenue district map