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Kontek got their start more than 20 years ago as a company who built durable and secure  structures at the base of cell towers.

After 9/11, they moved more into the defense realm, applying that same technology and know-how to a range of needs, like nuclear processing sites, power plants, and even built the elevated pumphouses for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Now, this innovative company manufactures blast and ballistic-resistant enclosures for the military and businesses or individuals that need them (also known as “critical infrastructure solutions”).

From military service people to our nation’s resources and schools, Kontek is protecting important American sites, big and small, across the globe. And this security and defense company is proud to call Kannapolis home.

The drivers behind the company are innovation and engineering, so they have the highest standards for their workforce. The Kannapolis area has enabled the company to pull in talented and skilled fabricators, in what Chase Tobin, Kontek National Sales Manager for Law Enforcement, calls “a city with a perfect location.”

“Kannapolis’ location makes it easier for us to service our customers and build new business relationships. With the Charlotte airport, all the highways, plus the Concord airport, we can reach most places for a day trip and be back home to sleep in our own beds that same night.” 

In addition, the downtown revitalization and new Atrium ballpark for the Cannon Ballers, specifically, have been useful tools for client entertainment and team building with colleagues.

“The downtown development is great. Even the folks who might not live directly in the city still go out here. We will take team lunches at the ballpark sometimes or go to the local brewery downtown. It really is a charming city.”

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