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Over the last few months, recycling carts in the City have been approximately 20% contaminated. This means we are not recycling properly and the carts are contaminated with trash. Entire truckloads are being rejected by our recycling vendors and then must go to the landfill as trash. Every time this happens the City is penalized.


If your garbage/recycling is collected on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we especially need your help.


Please remember the following:


• The yellow lid cart is for recycling only.


• Do not bag your recycling. We cannot recycle plastic bags. Only bag your trash.


• Only recycle the materials seen in the graphic. Not sure if something is recyclable? Check the CARTology app or visit


• Construction materials are not recyclable


• Grass clippings and yard debris are not recyclable


• Food items are not recyclable


• When in doubt – throw it out. If an item has a recycling label on it – double check CARTology. Our recycling centers in N.C. do not accept items that may be recyclable in other areas/states.


• Clothing, furniture and carpet is not recyclable


• Styrofoam containers/cups are not recyclable


Recycling carts that continue to have trash will be tagged and not picked up. Please recycle right and help us be an environmentally friendly community.🌎