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The City of Kannapolis has released the 2021 Garbage/Recycling Calendar.

In addition to the schedule for 2021, the calendar includes information on what items may be recycled. The calendar also details the holiday schedule for garbage/recycling collection.

Important tips for recycling in 2021 - The City of Kannapolis asks that you do not bag your recyclables, and that you reuse, donate, or throw away Christmas lights, hoses, cords, clothing, and grocery bags because they get stuck and clog the recycling machines.

The City also encourages you to reduce and reuse – not just recycle. As the market for recyclables continues to fluctuate it is important to find ways to reduce and reuse items rather than just being a throwaway society. 

Residents can download the mobile app, CARTology, for Apple or Android devices for more information. Just search for CARTology in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). From the app, you can learn how to dispose of items, view your collection calendar and receive notifications.

The CARTology functions are also on our website. Residents can type in their addresses to view collection schedules, set up notifications, and search items to see if they are recyclable or if they should be placed in the garbage.


For more information and to download the calendar, visit www.kannapolisnc.gov/recycling.