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Kannapolis Fire Department is pleased to announce the promotion of several personnel in order to fill current vacancies, including two key retirements, and to support a new organizational structure. This change is driven from the desire to continually improve and will ultimately allow the department to better serve the community.

“The fire department’s executive team has been strategic in building on the existing framework of the department and therefore, I am honored to announce the following promotions and reclassifications. This group of individuals have the experience and leadership skills needed to fill these roles,” said Kannapolis Fire Chief Tracy Winecoff. “I feel these changes will give the department the ability to capitalize on opportunities to provide the best service we can to our residents. It will be a privilege to work with these personnel in their new capacities.”

Division Chief of Technical Services, Kirk Beard, has been promoted to the position of Deputy Fire Chief and in addition to serving as second in command, will be responsible for communications, fleet, facilities, logistics, information technology, and safety. Chief Beard has been in the fire service for 29 years; 21 of those with Kannapolis Fire. He began his fire service career as a Charlotte Fire Department Explorer and member of the former Mallard Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Chief Beard followed in his father’s footsteps, Donnie Beard, who was in the fire service for over 40 years; retiring as the Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal. He and his wife, Kisha, have a daughter, Kaylee.

Battalion Chief, David Winecoff, has been promoted to Division Chief of Emergency Services. Chief D. Winecoff has been in the fire service for 33 years; 20 of those with Kannapolis Fire. He was hired as a Shift Captain and was promoted to Battalion Chief. As Division Chief of Emergency Services, Chief D. Winecoff will oversee daily operations, as well as, the Honor Guard and Explorer Post #001. He and his wife, Tammy, have two children, Kristen and Billy, who is also a firefighter.

Training Chief, Greg Summitt, has been promoted to Division Chief of Technical Services. Chief Summitt has been in the fire service for 19 years. He began his service with Cleveland Community Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter and has been with Kannapolis Fire for 12 years. As Division Chief of Technical Services, Summitt will supervise the training staff and Fire Marshal’s Office and will also be over accreditation, ISO rating, and long-term strategic planning. He is engaged to Allyson.

Logistics Chief, Tim Smith, has been reclassified as the Health and Wellness Chief. Chief Smith has been in the fire service for 21 years; 16 with Kannapolis Fire Department. In his new position, Chief Smith will attend to the health and safety of emergency personnel, focusing on conditions such as occupational cancer, cardiac and mental health, and general accident prevention.

Fire Inspector, Shane Pethel, has been promoted to the position of Fire Marshal/Battalion Chief and will serve in the Technical Services Division. Fire Marshal Pethel has been in the fire service 33 years. He began his career in the fire service as a Kannapolis volunteer firefighter. He later became a part-time educator as part of the fire and life safety education team. After he obtained his NC Fire Inspector Level I certification he began doing inspections and investigations for the department. Pethel will oversee inspections, investigations, plans review, and hydrant maintenance.

Senior Captain, Jon Jenkins, has been promoted to the position of Training Chief and will be assigned to the Technical Services Division. He has been in the fire service 20 years; 16 of those with Kannapolis. Jenkins will expand the department’s current training program so that the department continues to provide excellent medical, special operations, and fire suppression services to residents.

Senior Captain Chris Barbee has been promoted to Battalion Chief and will be assigned to command a shift of firefighters within the Emergency Services Division. Battalion Chief Barbee has been in the fire service for 14 years; 12 of those with Kannapolis Fire Department. Barbee began his career as a volunteer with Georgeville Volunteer Fire Department. Ironically, he went to the station to vote and stayed for the fire meeting afterwards. That meeting was the start of a career he had wanted since childhood.

Fire Captains, Travis Barnhardt, Jerry Morgan, and Todd Morris, who have been serving in interim capacities, have all been reclassified as Safety & Logistics Officers.

Senior Engineers, Caleb Barnhardt, Daniel Jenkins, Randy Carter, Brandon Daniel and Stephen Overcash have been promoted to the rank of Captain.

Senior Firefighters, Hunter Brantley, Ryan Cochran, Colby Taylor, Kristopher Reeder and Benjamin Preddy, have been promoted to the rank of Engineer.

Kirk Beard
Deputy Fire Chief, Kirk Beard

David Winecoff
Division Chief of Emergency Services, David Winecoff

Greg Summit
Division Chief of Technical Services, Greg Summit

Tim Smith
Health and Wellness Chief, Tim Smith

Shane Pethel
Fire Marshal/Battalion Chief, Shane Pethel

Jonathan Jenkins
Training Chief, Jon Jenkins

Chris Barbee
Battalion Chief, Chris Barbee