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A week after Cabarrus County and its municipalities enacted a Stay-at-Home Proclamation, Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) officials are asking residents to follow key components of the measure in order to limit transmission of COVID-19 in the area.

Specifically, CHA asks families to keep off neighborhood playgrounds.

Interim Director of the Cabarrus Health Alliance Erin Shoe says the agency is getting multiple reports each day of families using private playground facilities and crossing boundaries set up at public facilities.

“The order is clear—playgrounds and exercise equipment are closed,” said Shoe. “You could be a carrier of COVID-19 without exhibiting symptoms. Stay off and don’t share equipment. It’s the best way to keep your children and your community healthy.  It is fine for your family or those living in your household during this time period to use your personal playground at your house. Please do not allow others to come and play.”

Safe play

The National Parks and Recreation Association offers the following tips for safe play in parks:

• Know what 6 feet looks like. Lay measuring tape on the ground. It's the distance of a surfboard, long yoga mat or adult bike.

• Do not use playgrounds or other frequently touched surfaces.

• Go by yourself or those you live with.

• Avoid crowded areas. If a space cannot be enjoyed safely, go home or discover a new park in your community.

For more resources on how to use parks safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit:

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