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During the Jiggy with the Piggy Festival, May 3-4, hundreds of people participated in the People’s Choice Wing Contest and the People’s Choice Pork Contest.

The public was able to buy tickets and have the opportunity to taste some of the best wings and pork in the U.S. Proceeds from the ticket sales are distributed to the Kannapolis YMCA and the Kannapolis Rotary who host the events as part of the festival. There were three categories in the wing competition: restaurants, fire departments and the BBQ competition teams vying for top honors.

A big thank you to Smithfield and East Coast Wings for donating the meat for the events.

The winners for these events are listed below.
People’s Choice Wing Contest
Fire Department Competition First Place – Cleveland VFD (Pan 17)
Fire Department Competition Second Place – KFAF (Kannapolis) (Pan 42)
Fire Department Competition Third Place – Enockville VFD (Pan 33)
Fire Department Competition Fourth Place – Locke VFD (Pan 14)

First Place in the Restaurant Category – Flyin’ Buffalo (Pan 37)
Second Place in the Restaurant Category – Sunshine’s Asian Cuisine (Pan 5)
Third Place in the Restaurant Category – Vell’s Soulfood with a Twist (Pan 22)
4th Place in the Restaurant Category – Sunshine’s Asian Cuisine (Pan 1)

5th Place in the Restaurant Category – The Smoke Pit (Pan 34)
6th - The Smoke Pit (Pan 38)
7th - Tie - The Smoke Pit (Pan 6)/Crispy’s Bar & Grill (Pan 40)/Crispy’s Bar & Grill (Pan 25) Flyin’ Buffalo (Pan 24)/The Smoke Pit (Pan 7)/Titus 18 & Friends (Pan 39)
8th – Vell’s Soulfood With a Twist (Pan 36)
9th - Hungry Howie’s Pizza (Pan 30)
10th - Hungry Howie’s Pizza (Pan 19)
11th – Titus 18 & Friends (Pan 39)
12th Tie – Mama’s Kitchen (Pan 2)/ Afton Tavern (Pan 8)
13th – Main Street Pizza (Pan 29)
14th – Main Street Pizza (Pan 21)
15th – Afton Pub and Pizza (Pan 16)/ Sport One Bar and Lounge (Pan 18)

People’s Choice Wing Contest BBQ Competition Team Winners
First Place – Muttley Crew BBQ (Pan 48)
Second Place – Team Holy Smokes (Pan 44)
Third Place – Old Colony Smokehouse (Pan 13)
4th Place – 2 Guys and A Chick (Pan 3)

5th Place – The Sauce and All that Goes With It (Pan 20)
6th Place – The Smokehouse Mafia (Pan 35)/Smoke This (Pan 50)
7th Place – Wayne Brothers (Pan 47)
8th Place Tie – Baloney Joe’s (Pan 10) JL Smokers (Pan 51)
9th Place – Too Sauced (Pan 45)
10th Place Tie – Holt Brothers BBQ (Pan 4)/Creekside Smokers NC (Pan 43)
11th Place Tie – Brother In Law BBQ Team (Pan 28)/Papa Tinks Competition BBQ (Pan 49)/ Q & Stew Best Ever BBQ (Pan 26)/ Smoke & Brew Mafia (Pan 9)
12th Place – Elite Smokers (Pan 41)
13th Place – Grate Smoke (Pan 11)
14th Place – Butts R US (Pan 31)
15th Place – Lady of Q (Pan 15)

People’s Choice Pork Contest
First Place – EB’s Bar-B-Que (Pan 15)
2nd Place – Old Colony Smokehouse (Pan 32)
3rd Place Tie – Smokin NC (Pan 20)/Smokehouse Mafia (Pan 31)
4th Place – Grate Smoke (Pan 9)

5th Place Tie – Midnight Burn (Pan 38)/Holy Smoke BBQ – NC (Pan 4)
6th Place – Creekside Smokers NC (Pan 41)
7th Place Tie – Papa Tinks Competition BBQ (Pan 7)/Spencer Mt. Smokers (Pan 40)
8th Place – 270 Smokers (Pan 25)/McAdoo Heights BBQ (Pan 21)
9th Place – Big Money BBQ (Pan 36)
10th Place Tie – Baloney Joe’s (Pan 26)/ House of Smoke (Pan 35)
11th Place – Carolina Smoke (Pan 39)
12th Place Tie – Flying Monkeys BBQ (Pan 34)/ Sauced BBQ! (Pan 19)/ The Sauce & All That Goes With It (Pan 1)
13th Place Tie – Rollin Smoke (Pan 2)/ K&D Smokers (Pan 10)
14th Place Tie – Swig-n- Pig (Pan 16)/ Lady of Q (Pan 3)/ Holt Brothers BBQ (Pan 30)/Grizzly Cornfed BBQ (Pan 17)/ Bayou Poker Smokers (Pan 12)/Smokin Studs BBQ (Pan 28)
15th Place Tie – Brother-In-Law BBQ Team (Pan 27)/BB’s Smoke Shack (Pan 14)/Q-n-Stew Best Ever BBQ (Pan 8)/ Elite BBQ Smokers (Pan 13)
16th Place – Wayne Brothers (Pan 33)/ Team Holy Smokes (Pan 29)/ Muttley Crew BBQ (Pan 24)
17th Place – Smokin Blue Q (Pan 11)/ JL Smokers (Pan 18)/Butts R Us (Pan 22)/ 2 Guys and A Chick (Pan 6)


Muttley Crew


Team Holy Smokes


Old Colony Smokehouse


2 Guys and a Chick




Smokin' NC


Smokehouse Mafia


Grate Smoke