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Tuesday evening, the City of Kannapolis and Atrium honored the 2018 Run Kannapolis and Loop the Loop Challenge participants during a special ceremony.

This year 33 people completed all eight of the 5K Run Kannapolis events. Approximately 150 people participated in this year’s Loop the Loop Challenge. They walked, biked, swam or ran 21,000 miles.

Congratulations to the following people who completed all eight 5Ks! We officially call them the beasts because of this amazing accomplishment. They are:
Christina Boyd
Zeb Christy
David Clark
Pam Clark
Tommy Conquy
Grayson Cook
Hunter Cook
Kristina Cook
Jeff Cook
Jeffrey Culbertson
Sydney Davis
Toni Davis
Keith Eagle
Bryan Edwards
Sarah Edwards
Kelly Freshcorn
Carla Gallenberg
Linda Griffin
Connie Hill
Jamie Hill
Josh Hyatt
Kio James
Nicholas Lollis
Juan Pablo Marquez
Jennifer McBride
Michelle Mikoski
Kathy Miller
Robert Paratore
Terri Shaffer
Joshua Sherrill
Michael Teeter
Jeremy Tutt
Kim Wagner

Over 100 people completed at least five of the runs qualifying them to receive commemorative Run Kannapolis medals and prizes during the ceremony. A total of 1,100 people ran at least one of the races.

This was the second year for the Loop the Loop Challenge. Loop the Loop is a series of loops around downtown Kannapolis and Kannapolis School facilities that people can walk, bike or run. People were asked to complete at least 150 miles in 2018 to qualify for prizes.150 people participated in the program and 35 people exceeded the 150-mile minimum.

There were five people who looped more than 1,000 miles. Russ Hoyser completed an incredible 2,793 miles and finished in first place. Sylvia Anderson finished with 2,480 miles; Thomas Barnhardt finished third with 1,432 miles, David Rowland was fourth with 1,102 miles, and Ken Webb was fifth with 1,001 miles.

“We continue to be amazed by the number of people who are participating in these programs,” said Kannapolis Mayor Darrell Hinnant. “We hear so many great stories on how the programs help them to get to know more people in the community, spend quality time with their families, lose weight and have better health. This is a great way for us to have a better community: physically, mentally and socially. We hope you and your family will participate this year.”

Kannapolis launched both programs as part of the City’s Discover a Healthy Life brand. The City has added more loops this year in partnership with the Cabarrus Health Alliance.

For more information and to register for the 2019 Run Kannapolis Series and Loop the Loop visit or


Beasts - Completed 8 races

Zeb Christy, David Clark, Tommy Conquy, Grayson Cook, Hunter Cook, Kristina Cook, Jeff Cook, Jeffrey Culbertson, Keith Eagle, Bryan Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Carla Gallenberg, Linda Griffin, Connie Hill, Jamie Hill, Kio James, Nicholas Lollis, Juan Pablo Marquez, Jennifer McBride, Michelle Mikoski, Kathy Miller, Robert Paratore, Terri Shaffer, Joshua Sherrill, Michael Teeter, Jeremy Tutt

Not Pictured: Christina Boyd, Pam Clark, Sydney Davis, Toni Davis, Kelly Freshcorn, Josh Hyatt, and Kim Wagner


Competitors - Completed 7 races

Chad Drake, Dean Dunaway, Ian Fongemy, Kristen Harwood, Earl Lentz, Lisa Lentz, Denise Pettigrew, Jeremy Post, Katie Purvis, Steve Shive, Travis Smith, Yolanda Smith

Not Pictured: Emma Conquy, Amber Lane, Scott Plunkett, Daniel Safrit, and Vera Smith


Althetes - Completed 6 races

Blair Saunders, Bethany Maycroft, Russ Hoyser, Erin Brawner, and Steven Yost

Not Pictured: Raquel Cook, Nathan Cook, Caroline Fongemy, Victoria Heater, Sun Makachinas, David Payne, Kahlan Smith, Jackson Wagner, Jakob Wagner, and Peggy Wagstaff


Participants - Completed 5 races

Caitlin Charles, Toni Cruz, Emily Karmanocky, Susan Livengood, Christine Lomas, Melissa Loveless, Emmerson Perry, Bob Scott, Sandi Scott, and Luke Wallace

Not Pictured: Grayson Burgess, Jared Byrd, Kristin, Byrd, Tabitha Delacy, Andrew Messmer, Heidi Newton, Kimberly Riefstahl, Andrew Taylor, and Tiffany Wagstaff


Loop Winners Over 1,000 Miles

Thomas Barnhardt and Russ Hoyser

Not Pictured: Sylvia Anderson, David Rowland, and Ken Webb