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Winter Update – 3 p.m. - January 8

We thank you for being careful and heeding the advice to stay off roadways. Kannapolis Police report less than a dozen accidents occurred yesterday.

Kannapolis Public Works crews continue to work 24/7 to get major roadways ready for traffic. Mother Nature has to help us. We need temperatures to stay above 20 degrees in order for the salt we’ve put down to activate and melt the snow/ice.

Crews are concentrating on major city streets and we are assisting NCDOT by helping clear state roads in the city. Since Friday we have cleared 561.26 lane miles and placed approximately 400 tons of slag/salt on streets. Before the storm we spread 4,500 gallons of brine to pretreat the roads.

Due to sheer number of streets in our city, limited crews and supplies we cannot clear neighborhood streets. At this point we anticipate major streets will be passable tomorrow for those who have to travel. We do advise not traveling - but if you do - please be very careful and watch for black ice.

Garbage/Recycling collection will be delayed tomorrow by a few hours.

Friday's routes which were not completed due to the weather will be completed first and then Monday’s routes will be collected.

We are also dealing with waterline breaks as the cold weather takes its toll. We are working as quickly as possible to make repairs.