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Beginning Monday, October 24, the City of Kannapolis will begin collection of loose leaves. The loose leaf collection service will continue until Friday, March 10, 2017. During the loose leaf collection period it is not necessary to bag leaves for them to be collected. However, if you do choose to bag your leaves, the bags will be collected weekly, the same day your garbage is collected.

What day of the week are your loose leaves collected? There are 10 zones in the city for loose leaf collection. To determine your loose leaf collection zone/day, please click here.

Loose Leaf Collection Do’s & Don’ts
• Leaves must be placed at the curb or along the ditch line, not in ditches, in rows parallel with street.
• Place leaves at curb by 7 a.m. on the day of collection to ensure collection on the scheduled day.
• Leaves mixed with limbs, other yard waste, gum balls, gravel, glass or other solid matter will not be collected.
• Leaves in garbage containers will not be collected.
• Leaves must be clear of water meters and fences and placed on the street side of retaining walls.
• Leaves must be clear of sidewalks and the street.

Loose leaf collection will occur on all holidays EXCEPT Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. On
these two holidays, collection will be delayed by one day, with Thursday’s collection occurring on Friday
and Friday’s collection occurring on Saturday. Please do not place leaves in your garbage or recycling cart.