Kannapolis Downtown Revitalization Project
February 2018 Update

If you have visited Downtown Kannapolis you have probably noticed that the first phase of the Kannapolis Downtown Revitalization Project, the streetscape and infrastructure improvements, are now underway.

This month you will see the following take place:

1. Install of new underground electrical ductwork on Oak Avenue.

2. PSNC begins construction of the new gas line at the intersection of Chestnut and Laureate Way.

3. Removal of asphalt and concrete curb and gutter from streets and parking areas.

4. Brick pavers will be removed and salvaged for reuse in the new streetscape and other areas of the City.

5. Work on new manholes.Work on stormwater systems begins on Vance Avenue

Once completed the streetscape will be a dynamic urban park that includes unique green space, outdoor dining and social activity areas. Vida, the mixed use Demonstration Project, by the Lansing Melbourne Group, should begin construction in early 2018 and the Sports and Entertainment Venue construction will begin in summer 2018.

Downtown Revitalization Timeline