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The second episode of Salvage Dawgs, featuring the City of Kannapolis, will be on the DIY Network at 9 p.m., this Sunday, November 4, and again at 9:30 p.m., Sunday, November 11.

On this episode the Salvage Dawg crew returns to the City to present a clock to the City that they constructed from parts salvaged from a former loom used to by Cannon Mills to produce textiles. The clock can be seen by the public by visiting the 2nd floor lobby in Kannapolis City Hall, 401 Laureate Way.

Salvage Dawgs, is one of the top shows on the DIY Network. The show’s premise is to take items that are going to be discarded and turn them into furniture, art or other useful items. They are all about being environmentally sustainable and preserving history.

In the first episode featuring Kannapolis, which aired in May, the crew salvaged items including the cupola from the old police headquarters and architectural items such as the corbels from the former K-Town Furniture.

Kannapolis Mayor Darrell Hinnant said, “The Salvage Dawg crew were able to take pieces of our history that were buried in a basement and turn them into a beautiful, unique piece of art that we are proud to showcase in our city hall.”

“One of the show’s hosts, Mike Whiteside, is from Charlotte and is familiar with the history of Kannapolis. They contacted us after they saw the publicity about us buying our downtown and our plan to demolish a few buildings that are in really bad shape while remodeling others. This is their forte. They wanted to film episodes about our Downtown Revitalization Plan and preserve items that had no historical value to us or that we were unable to use. It is a great opportunity for us to be on primetime television to tell our story,” commented Annette Privette Keller, Kannapolis Director of Communications.