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With 336 walkers/runners the Jiggy with the Piggy 5K was a huge success Thursday evening. We loved seeing all of the participants in the Jiggiest Costume Contest. Hope everyone had a great time and will continue to participate in the rest of the Run Kannapolis Series this year.

The overall male winner was Marshall Love and the overall female winner was Nicole Morgan. This is the fifth year in a row Nicole has won overall Jiggy Honors!

Linda Griffin and Shanna Turner won the adult Jiggiest Costume Contest, and Aubrey Glover won the kids Jiggiest Costume Contest.Complete 

Winners List:


Overall Male

Marshall Love


Bolt Hiruma



Kevin Stegall


Overall Female

Nicole Morgan


Montana Weiss



Michelle Mikoski


Male 9 & Under

Gabriel Safrit

Jonathan Clark

Daniel Torres

Female 9 & Under

Emme Farabee

Olivia Lanier

Aubrey Glover

Male 10-14

James Anderson

Landon Rowe

Mikey McCart

Female 10-14

Ashton Barlowe

Kahlen Kuddie

Lillian Helton

Male 15-19

Zach Thomas


Caleb Cibas



Jackson Kyle


Female 15-19

Marshall Love

Maddie Ennis

Taylor Darby

Male 20-24

AJ Ohlhaut


Kevin Mateer



Chase Curlee


Female 20-24

Montana Weiss

Lauren Trull

Katherine White

Male 25-29

Cody Clifton

Morgan Michael

Travis Smith

Female 25-29

Nicole Morgan

Kristen Harwood

Vera Smith

Male 30-34

Bolt Hiruma

Ricky Webster

Nicholas Lollis

Female 30-34

Kayla Brown

Caitlin Charles

Jennifer Molina

Male 35-39

Nathan Cook

Kris Gurley

Daniel Safrit

Female 35-39

Christina Boyd

Elisa Pearce

Lori Honeycutt

Male 40-44

Thomas Deboyace

Jesse Beam

Chad Drake

Female 40-44

Michelle Mikoski

Angie Clark

Katrina Darby

Male 45-49

Deckster Barlowe

Steven Yost

Toby Boan

Female 45-49

Deanna Miltz

Caroline Fongemy

Granillo Enrique

Male 50-54

Brian Gadwah

Nelson Lee

Rusty Smith

Female 50-54

Ruth Lewispitt

Lisa Anstey

Susan Puckett

Male 55-59

Michael Townsend

George Livengood

Mike Chisholm

Female 55-59

Susan Livengood

Jane Falls

Kimberly Cook

Male 60-64

Brenneman Thompson

Vincent Cline

David Wilson

Female 60-64

Tonya Ligon

Teri Oriole


Carol Gurr


Male 65-69

Steve Shive

Robert Paratore

Benjamin Holden

Female 65-69

Toni Cruz

Marianne Jones


Karan Whitley


Male 70+

Russ Hoyser


Darrell Smith


Female 70+

Mary Wilson






Top Male Finishers
First: Marshall Love, Second: Bolt Hiruma, Third: Kevin Stegall


Top Female Finishers
First: Nicole Morgan, Second: Montant Weiss, Third: Michelle Mikoski


Adult Jiggiest Costume Winners: Linda Griffin and Shanna Turner. Second Place: Melissa Loveless.


Kid Jiggiest Costume Winner: Aubrey Glover