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To register as an arts/craft vendor, please using the following link:

Registration will open to last year’s Jiggy arts/crafts participants until January  10, 2019.
Registration will open to new arts/craft vendors on January 10, 2019


The link for Commercial Vendors (including Direct Sales) to register is:

Registration will open to last year’s Jiggy commercial/direct sales participants until January  10, 2019.
Registration will open to new commercial/direct sales participants on January 10, 2019


The link for Food Vendors to register is:

Food vendors registration will open to last year’s Jiggy participants until January  10, 2019.
Food vendor registration will open to new participants on until January  10, 2019.


  • The festival will run on Friday from 5pm – 10pm and on Saturday from 9am – 5pm. 
  • You were NOT REQUIRED to register/participate on both days; however, if you registered for both Friday and Saturday, we will be expecting you on Friday afternoon.  If you registered for Saturday only and would like to come on Friday, please let us know and we will make arrangements to fit you in.  Please see the information above for what you registered for. 
  • Vendors will be expected to stay until at least 9:00pm on Friday night and until 5:00pm on Saturday. 
  • FRIDAY check-in time will be at 2:00pm Volunteers will not be available prior to this time to assist you with spaced.  If you arrive before 2:00pm, you may be asked to wait.  In addition, cars MUST be moved from the vendor area by 4:30pm.  
  • SATURDAY check-in time will start at 6:30am.  Volunteers will not be in place to check you in any earlier than that. Cars MUST be moved from the vendor area by 8:30am.     
  • Assigned vendor spaces will be on the North Carolina Research Campus green space in Downtown Kannapolis.  Art vendor and commercial vendor spaces will be approximately 12 x 12 and food vendor spaces will be approximately 12 x 20.  Spaces sizes are approximate but will be large enough to accommodate a standard size 10 x 10 tent with some room in between.  Vendor spaces are on grass. 
  • Only the SPACE IS GUARANTEED for arts, craft or commercial vendors.  You are responsible for providing your own tent, table and other materials needed for the day.  Power/electricity will be available if you previously requested it on your application.  The information above confirms if you asked for power.  Vendors should be prepared to supply any drop cords or extension cords needed.  
  • Vendor Check-In will be on Research Campus Drive.  Look for the vendor check in signs & tent.  For more detailed directions, or map layout, please visit our website at  
  • THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT! While we understand if artists do not want to show up on a rain date, for fear of damaging their art, we as an organization will still set up, allowing artists who decide to fight the rain to come out.
  • FOOD VENDORS will have power and water provided.  Power needs will be provided as per the requests previously sent.  Please be sure to follow up with the Health Department for the temporary food establishment guidelines and submit an application to the Cabarrus Health Alliance.  You are responsible for conforming to all Health Department regulations.  PLEASE NOTE-one of the requirements is that all applications must be submitted 15 days in advance. Another change that was recently made was that there is a requirement for all food vendors to have a thin tip digital thermometer available for food temperature readings.  If there are any questions concerning anything in the requirements or application please contact the Cabarrus Health Alliance at 704-920-1223. 
  • In Addition - We would also like to ask all of our vendors and participants to let your clients, members, friends, and family know that you are participating in the festival. Please invite them to join us. For more information, visit the Jiggy with the Piggy website at