A group of Fishertown residents has asked the City of Kannapolis to consider the annexation of the Fishertown Community. The annexation request includes the area outlined on the enclosed map which encompasses 507 parcels, 290 total acres and 305 households generally located to the east and west of Charlie Walker Road.

The next step in the annexation process, and in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes 160A-31, is for the City to determine if the area meets the criteria for annexation.

The decision to annex the Fishertown property into the City is a thorough process that will take until 2020 to complete. The City must collect information on every service to be offered, determine the cost of services to the community, hold informational meetings for residents in the community, and conduct official public hearings.

Property owners and residents have a role in the process. You will have the opportunity to sign official documents stating your desire to be annexed; you are invited to informational meetings as noted above; you may speak officially at public hearings, and you may express your opinion to City Staff and the Kannapolis Mayor and City Council.

The Kannapolis City Council is expected to hear the results of all the data collected, the input of Fishertown residents and hold a public hearing on the annexation in October of 2019.

At the meetings on October 4 and October 29, at City Hall, 401 Laureate Way, the City shared detailed information on the annexation process as well as information on the services the City would provide to property owners and residents if the annexation is approved. Letters have been mailed to property owners/tenants in the annexation area explaining the process to vote yes for the annexation. If property owners/tenants do wish to be annexed - no further action is necessary.

April 22, 2019 Update - City Council received a report from City Attorney, Walter Safrit, regarding the results of the voting process. The voting period was from November 2018 to March 31, 2019. The owners of only 86 parcels, representing 31% of parcels of real property within the designated area, signed the petition which was not sufficient to meet the required statutory minimum of 271 parcels representing 75% of the owners. 

Additionally, the residents of only 40 households, representing 22% of the households within the designated area signed the petition which was not sufficient to meet the required statutory minimum of 124 households representing 66 2/3%.

If you have any questions please contact Bridgette Bell, City Clerk, at or 704.920.4303.

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